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Marketing and Brand Exposure to Expand your Reach

Best practices online marketing services in Dubai, with Search Engine Optimization, Press Releases, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many others


Best SEO practices to bring your website to the top!

Press Releases

Post your news and offers to 300+ global distributers

Social Marketing

Convert clients from Facebook, twitter, and LinkedIn

Result Tracking

See for yourself our marketing outcome in monthly reports

10 Channels to reach 1,000,000+ local prospects!

Whether you're starting a new company or trying to beat the competitive search results to the top, you need a good marketing strategy with an experienced team to realize it effectively. We are here to outsource your marketing hassle. Instead of hiring and gathering an expensive team, our team of professionals can help you grow online exponentially, set goals and track results easily along the way. Your competitors are ALREADY DOING that, and some of them are with really deep pockets. The only way to increase your sales and generate revenue online is by investing in slow, strategic, well-planned online marketing. What we offer you is an affordable, yet effective way to do that. Our approach is simple. It is to target as many channels as possible (to reach more people), only with honest best practices and charging you a minimal monthly fee that you can afford easily for a whole year. We want to make sure you can afford long-term monthly marketing with us, because it is the ONLY good way to gain results.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that SEO and branding don't happen overnight. SEO requires consistent and prolonged efforts, distributed over a long period of time. Bad SEO and link back practices other companies do will get you penalized by Google and other search engines. Poor planning and rushing to get on top will actually HURT your online marketing instead of improving it. Our 10 channels are:

  • Social Media Marketing: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest
  • Google+ and Google Maps listing and reviews
  • Email Marketing: Monthly and semi-monthly email marketing to thousands of verified emails
  • SMS Marketing: Monthly SMS marketing to verified addresses
  • PPC Marketing: Pay-Per-Click traffic to your website from Facebook and Google
  • Local and global business directory submission
  • On-Site SEO: Optimize keywords, metadata, content and sitemap
  • Off-Site SEO: Link-back building, PageRank, and blog articles
  • Press Releases: Brilliantly written articles and news. Published on 50+ partner distributors
  • Offline / Printed Media: Utilizing unique branding opportunities in newspaper & magazines

Social Media Marketing

It's become obvious that buzz created around products on social media generates excellent revenue and sales for companies. Just ask the owners of Instagram, facebook, and twitter about the ripple (or bubble) effect of a stereotype, or even a new hot product in town. Hence, Social Marketing is an excellent tool to tell the world about your news, products, services and latest achievements.
On the other hand, social marketing helps you establish credibility. When visitors are on your website they get the feeling they're alone, they need to know other's opinions, see you communicating with clients, get to know you and feel they're dealing with humans beings, and not a dull website. A natural and professional social media interaction will help you convert more clients and gain higher credibility and trust. Eventually it helps you reach new prospects and crack new deals.

Why should you target all: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+?

Statistics show that people tend to use only ONE social engine. Even if some people use multiple social engines, they tend to be most active on just one of them. You might think that posting to multiple platforms is redundant, but trust us, it's not!
Posting to as many social engines as possible will help you reach the maximum number of prospects. If you decide to go only with facebook, you'll be missing out on millions of twitter fans, and vice versa. It came to us as a shock that different social engines are not equally popular. While in Qatar, twitter is the number one most popular, the number one social engine in the UAE is facebook!

Measure Results with monthly reports

Every month you will receive a single report for each one of our marketing channels. The report has both technical and non-technical information. The numbers and statistics will show you exactly how successful was our marketing efforts in a given month. The reports are well formatted and provide useful business intelligence. You will find insights on the source of your traffic, geographic locations, languages, browsers, platforms, and even operating systems. For your social marketing plans, you will receive a single report showing the interaction between your brand and fans on social media, like showing you the number of shares, likes, comments on facebook, or the number of follows, retweets, comments on twitter. The same applies for LinkedIn and Google+. Yes, it's that simple!

All of your reports are stored in a central user portal. Just login into your account to access all reports, download them as PDF, start discussions, add comments, and track progress history. Download the free sample report on the left to see an example of what information you get as our marketing client. We are still working on adding more APIs to different online services in order to create a smarter view of your marketing strategy and help you make informed decisions.

Basic Marketing

  • On-Site Search Engine Optimization
  • Off-Site Search Engine Optimization
  • Gogole Places for business
  • Business Directory Submission
  • Only 3,500 AED /month
Best Value

Standard Marketing

  • On-Site Search Engine Optimization
  • Off-Site Search Engine Optimization
  • Google Places for business
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Business Directory Submission
  • Email Marketing Campaign
  • PPC: Pay Per Click Campaign
  • Only 4,000 AED /month

Pro Marketing

  • On-Site Search Engine Optimization
  • Off-Site Search Engine Optimization
  • Google Places for business
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Business Directory Submission
  • Email Marketing Campaign
  • PPC: Pay Per Click Campaign
  • Press Releases
  • Only 5,000 AED /month

Custom Plan

  • Although the three plans on the left are designed to match most of marketing needs, you might be interested in a custom plan. Contact our sales and tell us which channels are you interested in, or tell us how much branding and exposure are you looking for, and we'll help you.
    Our professional marketing team can help you set up a custom marketing plan depending on the different times of the year. Want to boost sales during Ramadan? during the slow season? Contact us to see how we can innovate something!

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