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Cloud Hosting, Best Server Performance in Dubai & Middle East

With unlimited storage and superior hardware, enjoy our FREE cloud hosting on our highly optimized web server with cutting-edge technologies

Unlimited Space

Web space in the cloud for all your needs. No Limits

ownCloud™ Access

Your own personal cloud (like dropbox) in our ownCloud™

Turbosites™ Powered

Our ultimate security, performance, and uptime product

Optimised Server

Advanced optimisation and acceleration on "Nginx" servers

Cloud Server TurboSites

Why Cloud Server?

It's a good question actually. While cheap shared web hosting is, well, cheap! but it lacks the required flexibility and reliability needed when your business grows and you need a more powerful server. On the other hand, dedicated servers with expensive hardware are extremely reliable, but they're expensive, and let's face it, you'll never be able to actually use its full potential.
Cloud servers are the perfect flexible solution between the two. It's ideal for growing businesses. While you do NOT need powerful expensive server initially, you might need to expand and add more CPU, RAM or Storage later on. Cloud server offer the ability to pay for only what you use, nothing more. The flexibility and reliability of cloud hosting makes it so tempting, even for large enterprise. We can scale your server, take backups, enable virtualization or even add more CPU cores, RAM, and storage with a single click. It makes our life easier, it's cheaper, and it's definately more reliable (a pool of servers is handling your website instead of just one). Some of the benefits you get when you use our cloud server are:

  • 99.99% Uptime Reliability!
  • Easy control of Load Balancing, RAM, and CPU
  • UNLIMITED storage space (HDD)
  • UNLIMITED unmetered bandwidth
  • UNLIMITED email addresses
  • 1 FREE (.com) domain registeration

Who Benefits from our Free Cloud Hosting

The answer is quite simple, all of our clients. Wether we built your website, your web application or you simply have an AMC contract with us. You will get a FREE unlimited cloud hosting for one year. The server will be highly optimised to deliver outstanding performance and reliability to your website. We use caching and web server technologies to improve your visitors experience and traffic latency. With the help of our CDN network, your website will virtually exist in 22+ locations worldwide, and served accordingly. You have our word that your visitors will experience up to 20x faster browsing when you're hosted with us.

What happens after one Year

When your free hosting expires. You'll be charged a minimal monthly fee to cover your hosting charges with us. We promise the best value hosting to our clients that balances between excellent performance and affordability.

Middle East Datacenters

Best Hosting for the Middle East

When we were setting up our hosting, we took the liberty of maximizing the traffic latency for users in the Middle East and the Arab region (MENA). The result is: maximum performance and delivery of contents to users residing in the MENA region, including: The UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Moroccow, and Algeria.

The second most optimizaed locations where visitors can enjoy top performance is Europe. Our server is geographically close to users in Europe with datacenter in Germany and Ireland. We will analyze your target audience before positioning your server at the optimal location.
We rely on the best cloud server providor in the world (4 Servers worldwide) and the best Content Delivery Netwoek (CDN) in the world (22+ Servers) to make serving your website load at peak performance. Those new technologies are exclusively available when you deal with us. No other company in the Middle East has integrated such effective performance optimization ever. The benefits for your SEO and search engine PageRank and visibility are critical, since search engines prefer faster and lighter websites to be shown as generic search results. Specially Google.

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Finding the right developers can be a time consuming and expensive task. Luckily there are people, like my friends at Aratech, that makes it all worth while. Confident, experienced and forward thinking. They go above and beyond to make your dreams (or work) come true!
Anders Alm, CTO WAU
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