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Online Shops for your eCommerce in English & Arabic

Beautiful eCommerce solutions and online shops for your products and services. All mobile friendly! Start Selling Online Today!

Unlimited Products

Add and manage unlimited products with unlimited web storage!

Arabic Shops

Multilingual shops in Arabic and English to grow your reach

Unlimited Cloud

Hosted on our powerful cloud server, take whatever space you need!

Mobile Friendly

Html5 mobile friendly online shops to cater to a new market segment

eCommerce and Online Shops that Sell!

So you're about to create a new ecommerce business to take advantage of its enormous global success. But wait, even if you have the best products with a killer marketing idea, you still need a solid, yet elastic software to run it. Your online shop needs decorations, marketing, location, and reach, just like the newly opened shopping brand down the street. Before you realize it, you'll be spending a lot of money on hardware and software that don't even work, and you'll probably waste a year or two to realize that. How about this: we've been through all kinds of troubles over the last years, and we'll help you build a successful ecommerce business that actually generates revenue with minimal initial costs (and headaches). Here's how:

  • UNLIMITED number of product uploads, we'll handle whatever space you require
  • Arabic shops. Add your products in multiple languages and conquer new markets
  • An excellent eCommerce software. That's customizable and flexible for your requirements. Additional add-ons and functionalities are available!
  • Fully supported iPhone, iPad, Android Phones & Tablets compatibility
  • Gorgeous looking and really stunning shop designs. 100% originality guarantee
  • Full and easy control using an award-winning control panel (known as backend)
  • 3 Months of extensive marketing and SEO to give your shop a powerful boost

Why Online Shopping

The online shopping experience nowadays has grown mature enough to compete with the conventional window shopping and visiting shopping malls. The reason for that is the convenience and web-based tools buyers get when shopping online. An example of that is when you can browser multiple pictures, sizes and colors of a single product, see it in all variations, and compare / save your results. Even share a particular product set with your friends and family via email or social media.
A useful feature that has its limits as a window shopper (conventional way of shopping). Another example is the ease of payments and the variety of delivery options that have grown to be solid and reliable enough for customers to trust. Payment gateways using credit cards, money transfer, or Cash-On-Delivery are all available payments options while buying online. It's became so easy to buy online that anyone can do it safely.

eCommerce Shop Designs

Cost effective: Online Shop VS. Window Shop

The startup costs of online shops are much cheaper than the usual stores. The costs, of course, will add up as you grow in the usual selling model, while in selling online, the operational costs rarely rise even after running for years.
There are many reasons why businesses consider selling online. It's no surprise that selling online is cheaper, requires less running costs, less storage, less office space, less human resources and it's easier to market. Online shops marketing and online branding has been a unique specialty of ours. We do not start the production of a new online shop without a solid marketing plan in place. We came to learn over the years that it's critical to set a marketing budget and plan from the start. It's even better if you add it to the startup costs. It's still much cheaper to market your online shop than to market a usual shop, taking into consideration the amazing new social media tools, search engines, paid campaigns (PPC), press releases, and other quite affordable marketing channels. The good news is, our marketing team will help you get positioned in the market at minimal costs, and as fast as possible. We've got marketing plans for all sizes of shops, and we'll be there to advice you with our learnt-the-hard-way experience, when needed.

Online Shooping Lady

Security, Trust, Authentication

You cannot easily convince people to take out their credit cards and put their sensitive information on your website (online shop). You need to build credibility, and implement a couple of technology standards that ensure your customers their info are safe with your business. The top global standard of security for online shopping and credit card processing is called PCI. A security standard that we proudly support and implement on all of our created products (even this website you're seeing).

Check out the green lock on the top of this page and check our identity and connection encryption that we use to transfer all the traffic securely to our server, preventing ears-dropping by hackers and nosy ISPs. This digital certification is exactly what we'll do for your online shop. Moreover, we'll post a security badge (PCI Compliant) on your website to show it off to your visitors and customers.

Super-charged with TurboSites™

Imagine this, a visitor is browsing products on your web shop, and a remarkable product catches his/her eyes. After further consideration and thinking, your visitor decides to buy! opps! suddenly your website has become really slow and inaccessible due to a technical or a network failure. Your visitor is scared away, no deal.
This was a very tipical real life example of many other examples on how the speed and reliability of your website could become a deal breaker. The performance drop-offs, traffic bottle-necks and slowness happens all the time, specially if your server's physical location is far away from your visitor (like when your visitor is in the UAE and your server is in The US). Customers nowadays have NO PATIENCE for slow performing website. We've learnt that the hard painful way, and we have so many statistics to prove it. Another problem that comes aside the performance problem is security. In ecommerce and online shopping, security is so critical that some major online shops closed down entirely because of incidents of credit card number leakage or fraud cases in courts. Luckily, you can forget about all that with our exclusive CDN and FEO technology: TurboSites™!

TurboSites™ is an advanced "Content Delivery Network" that copies your entire server into multiple edge locations all around the world. It also acts as a security filter and a firewall to secure your shop and encrypt your customer's data. That said, your website will be served from the closest edge location (PoPs) simultaneously to your visitors at ultra-fast speeds! At the top of that, there are several layers of caching, security checks and optimizations at the edge servers to compress and secure the information to the fullest extent. Enjoy 99.99% UPTIME guarantee and HTTPS support at peak performance 24/7, while keeping hackers and spammers away.

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Finding the right developers can be a time consuming and expensive task. Luckily there are people, like my friends at Aratech, that makes it all worth while. Confident, experienced and forward thinking. They go above and beyond to make your dreams (or work) come true!
Anders Alm, CTO WAU
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