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Essential Services to Build Your Brand Online

From Website Design & Development, Brand Exposure, Arabic Translation, to Marketing & Building Cloud Apps, We've Got Your Back

Web Design and Development

We use advanced Html5 web development technologies to re-design and revamp websites. We offer this incredibly solid solution at an affordable and competitive price in Dubai. Our web CMS features an award winning easy-to-use interface for a full control over your website.
If you don't already have a website, look no further, we can be your trusted internet web development partner and build your next brilliant website. The world as we know it is changing rapidly, and we would love to help your business catch up with the new generation smartphones and tablet devices and reach thousands of new prospects. Statistics are showing millions of users switching to use their iPhones, smartphones, iPads, and tablets to find and deal with businesses online.

  • 100% Original Work

    Strict rule. We never copy others. Rest assured

  • Project Tracking

    Trach progress. Get support. Add tasks & Milestones

  • Ultra Fast Websites

    Advanced FEO and CDN for ultra-fast websites

  • Arabic Websites

    Get Arabic support. Translate your website


eCommerce is the future of shopping. Statistics are showing bigger and bigger numbers of shoppers relying on the internet for shopping. eCommerce and online shops bring irresistible advantages over the conventional shopping. People can compare prices, look for deals, and communicate with other buyers, all at the comfort of their homes. As the backbone infrastructure of security and performance are now reaching new heights, the trust and confidence are building up among online buyers.
Research is showing that buyers trust in online shops has increased remarkably. We have reports that show an optimistic for the ecommerce model. eCommerce in the GCC countries is predicted to grow at a rate of 30% to 35% year on year to almost $15 billion by 2015, Visa announced.

  • Support Tools

    Live Chat. Social Media. Feedback. Wiki & Blogs

  • Online Marketing

    Press Releases. SEO. Email. Branding & PPC

  • 100% Uptime

    100% uptime is guaranteed with TurboSites™

  • PCI Security

    Top level security standards for credit card processing

Free Cloud Hosting

Yes, you're reading it right! We give all of our clients a one year FREE Cloud hosting plan that is packed with benefits. It's not just ANY hosting. It's an industry standard hosting with an extremely powerful cloud server. Along with that, you'll get our first-of-breed Middle East CDN technology and FEO: Turbosites™.

We'll guarantee a complete piece of mind that top-notch level performance and security is backing your business online. Moreover, your server can host UNLIMITED email accounts, databases, and storage space. If you don't like our hosting plan, we'll transfer your website or web app to any other hosting provider for FREE.

  • Scalable Hardware

    One click scalability for on-demand performance

  • Unlimited Space

    Sore whatever your application needs. no limits

  • Server Monitoring

    We'll monitor your server's health to keep it running

  • Personal Cloud

    Up to 20GB private cloud storage for our clients

Cloud Business Apps

Well, we love building rock-solid web based apps with extremely simple and clean UI. No software to install, to hardware to purchase, all running from our powerful servers 24/7. Cloud apps are not only cheaper, they're elastic, easy-to-use and mobile! With our mobile friendly interfaces, you can carry your desk anywhere!
Under products, we have a bundle of cloud apps that carry out the essential tasks in a company. Cloud accounting, project management, payroll, to handling complex government sector daily tasks. All built on the web standards with the most recent web technologies like HTML5, CSS3, and Media Queries. As a matter of fact we believe that all you need on your phone or laptop is a web browser, a web browser is enough to operate your business.

  • Anywhere Access

    Be on top of your business anytime. Anywhere

  • Nothing to Install

    No software. No hardware. Sign-up & Start working

  • NO Branding

    Put your own logo and colors on it. We don't mind

  • Award-winning UI

    Simple-to-use. Clean and usable interfaces for all

Multichannel Marketing

Even if you have the best products, and offering the sweetest services, you cannot generate revenue without marketing. Branding and marketing is an ongoing process needed by all brands. If you're a startup SMB or a big corporation with years in the field, marketing is still essential for you. We have two types of marketing channels. One is rapid and instant (like PPC), which is used to help startups generate business quickly and get their new name in the market. The other one is slow and long-term, more like branding. Both are necessary, and we balance the marketing budget according to the one that fits for your business situation in the market. SEO, PPC, PageRank building, press releases, magazines, printed media, Facebook campaigns, twitter, linkedIn all are channels we support.

We'd like to add a very important thing. We work REALLY hard in doing our homework. We have access to market reports and we run our own research on the market to help YOU deploy a cheaper, efficient, and more effect marketing campaign.

atarech happy client
Finding the right developers can be a time consuming and expensive task. Luckily there are people, like my friends at Aratech, that makes it all worth while. Confident, experienced and forward thinking. They go above and beyond to make your dreams (or work) come true!
Anders Alm, CTO WAU
CSS3, Html5, Joomla!, Gantry, Bootstrap, Google Font API, jQuery, LESS